GO Campaign

A Church Building Campaign for Westside Community

The primary goal of the GO CAMPAIGN is to reach the 9,000 people on Bloomington’s Westside without a faith walk. To realize this goal, we will raise funds to build Westside Community Church.

3 Ways to Give




Give Creatively

Go Campaign is not a fundraising challenge—it is a love endeavor to build a new church to reach the unreached and help those who are believers grow in their relationship with Christ.

Go Campaign is a two-year journey of sacrificial giving designed to expand this ministry calling. Generosity initiatives rely on church members making gifts that expand and accelerate their current giving. The best path to increased giving is the spiritual path where you set your heart on things above. We encourage you to pray about your participation, and then join us as God guides you.

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are a great way to support this ministry. While some people may have extra funds on-hand to give, many families will rearrange their priorities and give up something in their current budget in order to give more to a generosity initiative. Priority budgeting may mean postponing a planned expenditure such as a new car, vacation, home remodeling, or other major purchase.

Give Today

Non-Cash Gifts

Don’t have excess cash to give but still would like to support this generosity initiative? You may consider these cash gift alternatives. Liquidating assets and donating that monetary amount is one way to do this. Another way you can give, is by giving your time to raise money for this ministry. Having a yard sale, hosting a car wash, or selling things you make, and then donating the proceeds to this initiative are just a few opportunities.

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Suggested Assets

There are many ways to give creatively by thinking through assets you could potentially liquidate and give the proceeds.

  • Vehicles
  • Motor Home, RV, Trailer, or Camper
  • Boats/watercraft & accessories
  • Home value
  • Timeshare/Condo/Vacation Home
  • Sports, Exercise or Hunting Equipment
  • Workshop or Garage Tools & Equipment
  • Craft or Camera Equipment & Supplies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Appliances, Furniture, Furnishings
  • Jewelry, Gems or Furs
  • Antiques, Memorabilia or Heirlooms
  • Artwork
  • Books, Videos, Albums
  • China, Crystal, Glassware, Silver, etc.
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • US Notes, Bills or Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Pension Funds
  • Military Pension Funds
  • IRAs
  • 401(k) or 403(b) accounts
  • College Savings Funds
  • Collections (Coins, Stamps, Crafts, or Toys)
  • Trust Fund(s) or Inheritance Funds
  • Livestock, Animals
  • Rental Properties
  • Business, Farm, Ranch (Buildings/Land)
  • Business: Vehicles, Equipment, Supplies
  • Undeveloped Land or Farmland
  • Items in Storage Units
  • RV Pad or Boat Dock
  • Foundation or Donor Advised Funds
  • Business Partnerships/Ownerships
  • Real Estate Partnerships
Think Outside the Box

The following list is other ways to think through how to be able to give in a sacrificial way to the campaign and understand the blessings that come from being generous:

  • Have a yardsale
  • Fast from something you buy or spend discretionary money on regularly (Starbucks, extra out to eat meals, hobbies, cable or streaming services, recreational activities, entertainment, etc.)
  • Use your talents to create or make things you can sell (crafts, woodwork, baking or food items, etc.)
  • Instead of a vacation, do a staycation, and give from the money you save
  • Take on a part time job if you have the capability and/or availability for the purpose of creating income to give toward the campaign
  • Use your birthday to ask for gifts toward the campaign
  • Get with friends or family and host a car wash fundraiser
  • Offer consulting in an area of expertise for a gift to the campaign
  • Teach or host classes to raise funds (art, piano, cooking, etc.)
  • Babysitting
  • Host a sporting event/tournament with an entry fee (golf, cornhole, fantasy football, pickleball, etc.)
  • Do a crowdfunding campaign based on activity accomplished (like miles walked or biked)
  • Your own unique, out-of-the-box idea
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